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About: Lady in a neoclassical way of living. I see, I smile, I write.

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What’s been going on.. 

I was in Subic last Thursday.. the drive there from Cavite was about six hours. But worth it. It is so breathtaking, I’d want to actually live there for some time. We went to Ocean Adventures, I believe is what the place is called.. and I now know for sure that I tear up fast. After each animal/mammal show we watched, they would include a story of how those trained animal/mammals were rescued and one of the sea lions was blind but he performed so amazingly, I was in awe. Plus they had cheesy background music while the speeches went on so I had to bite my cheeks internally to keep myself from bawling in front of other people. 

I never in my life thought I would be an animal lover, it was just something I found annoying when I was younger. I loved my cats but they never loved me. But then when I met Michelle, my late beagle and my friend’s shih tzu Daisy- it is a whole new world. 

One of the dudes who work there asked me if I wanted to be a part of their mini show where the snake touches me and I hesitated to say yes since I’m such a wuss, I regret that decision now though. 

I should really start saying “yes” to opportunities more often, it’s lagging me behind. 

What was that movie with Jim Carrey where he had to say YES to everything? Forgot the title, but yeah I should do that. 

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