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Our conversations gradually restore the version of myself I was proud of,

thank you.

Life in Dubai 

A series of photographs depicting yet another new adventure in Dubai. Enjoy!


Dilla’s birthday. Interesting night, my roommate Grace busted her lip (endless lols)


My section, not so keen on their photo being taken.




The shisha nights at Dubai Marina. Above, the lovely couple Neha and Mohab sharing a laugh about my selfie obsession or so I assume.


University afternoons! Kriti is always ready to pose along.


Our generation showcasing what we do best. Selfies at Desert Safari.


Roommate being a creep.




In love with this city <3






Room 222’s very own mood board where the regulations are stated. 

1) Always say goodnight before going to sleep

2) Greet the other person a “Good morning!” before leaving to uni

3) For guests: Return our medwakh pipe after use!


Ratchets being ratchets


Turban nights, the usual.


Asnan’s birthday party! With the lovely Brigyptian (British-Egyptian) and my Halls mentor, Tanya.


Because what is life if I do not take a touristy photo by the Burj Khalifa?


Selfies, again, in class.



Selfies during preparation for a girl’s night out.

Mashal, my uni best buddy, and I were endlessly bored in class and came up with this list of the types of guys that us girls usually fall for. In terms of age and personality, a bit of labeling is involved but then again how else will we generalize ideas unto one. 


In terms of age:

1) The Younger Ones- Cougars do exist, I remember having the biggest crush on this third grader when I was in the fifth grade and it is quite sick now that I recall but back then I used to think to myself “What a cutie!” 

Maybe it’s the fact that when you are surrounded by them, you instantly feel more mature and the one in-control. What woman does not love to be in control? 

You can deny it all you want, though it’s best not to. 


2) Same- age Guy- Cool guy from the block, very rare form of type for teenage girls but nevertheless, they exist in the list because of their existence in our surroundings i.e. schools, universities, work etc. so we relate to them in our daily lives.

3) The Guy who is two years older- Very common for some reason, I remember always fancying guys who would have a two-year gap of dominance over me and found them to be very balanced. They were usually sympathetic, had tolerance yet could mesh with my crowd. Like chameleons, girls camouflage well with these guys.

4) The much older dude- Were talking 5-6 years older. Imagine an eighteen-year old with a 24 year old taking his masters or has already initiated working. Mature, usually committed and can understand the emotional needs of his younger partner. (There has only been one little instance where I liked a 24 year old, sparks instantly dimmed weeks after the multiple phone conversations).


In terms of personality:

The Playboy- Always! A guilty pleasure for most women; pity but there really seems to be an appeal in their smooth-talking ways and the way they can make a girl swoon over phony compliments or their entrance into a room in slow motion with the shaggy hair waving along to Ice Ice Baby, it’s the oozing of poise (mind you, they don’t always have to be eye-catching), the belief that they are gets them by.

These men (boys) are usually never serious with love and compliance though. They are aware of that they have and are not willing to share that wholly unto someone just yet or ever. Sad.

The 7agar- How do I explain that word in English? Someone who just does not give a shit or bother searching for love until they see it at first sight and even then they will still play hard to get. This type is considered the sexiest because, of course, guys are not the only ones who love the chase.

They are quite uptight, these men. Usually full of ego and smugness to even date anyone they believe is below their standards. The worst cases do not even communicate with women first, and instead wait to be approached.


Shy Guy- They appear conceited because they keep to themselves but are the biggest sweethearts. Caring, thoughtful and affectionate souls beneath their solid shield of bashfulness.

The Witty Banter Guy- The not-so-attractive but not unpleasant- looking but very witty guy. I am not sure if only I come across lots of men like this but as unique as they may seem to be, they are quite common.

They approach you but blatantly tell you why, some might dilly-dally and make sure you know they aren’t hitting on you, others are more up-front and the other 10% genuinely want to be just friends. They love to disagree over any topic that is debate-able but will be grateful for your voicing of your own views. This is where the witty bantering comes in.

Like I said above, they believe that their arrogant yet friendly approach is inimitable and that this could be an advantage to have us think of them differently from the others and sure, okay, sometimes (or most of the time) these guys do grab a girl’s attention simply because they attracted us with their intelligence instead of using cheesy ratchet ass pick-up lines from the ’80s.

I like to keep my options open though. You could be the wittiest but the sparks have to be there. I guess it depends on the topic of choice, haha.

All kidding aside though, I favor The Witty Banter Guy the most.

The Coward- Thelma thought of this one and to be honest, I never really focused on it being a dilemma before until she mentioned it. This is the guy who will have all the pride in the world to show you off in a club but does not defend you when you are in trouble with perverts. Basically, all talk and no action.

In their defense, not all guys are meant to be every woman’s protector. We should be understanding of this. It is not their duty to always be at our beck and call and beat up every guy that checks us out. Although, if The Coward did invite this girl out to a certain place, it would have to go vice-versa, even with the ladies. You defend and make sure your guest has a pleasant time. Right?

The One- Woman Man- They will abide by the law of their relationship and love that one woman, just her, completely. Always ready to leave everybody behind for the sake of romance. Cute. (I haven’t encountered someone who inhabits the traits to this label 99.9% so until then, it is a beautiful notion)


To sum this up, there are diverse types out there that I probably have not had the chance to deem and I may be speaking generally on these stereotypes for the sake of my own leisure during long lectures in class.  I agree that there are exceptions and some men do not fall into specific attributes to each category but yet again, speaking in general.

As for the ladies, our preferences differ altogether. I remember the list of traits I wished my "Prince Charming" to attain certainly will have made him a superpower, it is impossible to find the perfect guy. We all have to learn to accept another’s flaws, no one is born perfect. 

The Path

The path does not exist until a believer disregards all doubt,

my life would not have existed if it was not for the creator

I am not agnostic

Just a dreamer with a tint of realism

                All of this is a test to prepare us for oblivion

                 Over thinking and its principles

                wine over whisky

               solidarity with company

Defiance of two-strained lovers

the lust for lung murderers,

he might return along with

the sweet sensation of erotic mutation

              A firm believer in all the impossible,

              nothingness flares this belief

           mutual attraction

             between cows and herbs

The path is an illusion

have your mind pave it

structure it with words

inscribe it with the ink of your sorrows

and walk through it alone

I was spinning in a web of madness when I came across this page, read quotes1-90, exhaled deeply and decided on a 360-degree life alteration. 

Quite frankly, it is exhausting having to repeat constant emotional drama to myself and for what? The people I falter over will never read the inside of my mind nor will these feelings matter until I am found laying in decayed white roses. That seems to be the case usually anyway, a person’s importance is given value and regrets whisper out of lemon salted lips when they are gone. 

I wrote three hundred words following the sentence above this but decided on keeping this short. I am back to writing and intend to keep this blog even more alive in the following series of posts that has been queued to post in the coming days of all various topics.  

Shit happens but life goes on.

I must keep to my word and spread optimism, not just to you all but especially myself.

And this is therapy.

Check out the website, I assure you, you will like it.

i. Do not tell her that she is beautiful. She wants to believe you, but she just can’t. Not after all the times that mirrors, and boys, and razors told her otherwise. Tell her that you are proud of her. Show her that she is worth it. Traverse a thousand nights of almost-goodbyes to let her know that you will not give up on her. When she says she’s a train wreck, tell her that they’re marvelous in slow motion. 

ii. Do not bring her flowers. Bring her wrenches and screwdrivers, and teach her how to fix things. Because when she sees herself able to fix leaky faucets, she’ll realize that she can fix the broken parts of her heart without any problems. 

iii. One day, when you set out to teach her how to look at the universe, start with chemistry. Tell her what makes up every fiber of her world, and then teach her physics. Why does the Earth keep turning when it feels like it’s falling apart? In return, she will teach you to write poetry without any words. There are aspiring poets on her fingertips, and she’s dying to skink poems straight into your skin. 

On Loving A Girl With Storms In Her Smile (via because-she-loves-words)

Wow. Third paragraph.

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